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005: Dave Matthews Band - Under the Table and Dreaming (1994)

"Through the ups and downs -- whether it was in-fighting or being mocked by media or former fans -- the Dave Matthews Band trudged forward. They've continued to tour, write albums, and somehow convinced people 'American Baby' was a good song. With all of the future that is uncertain, I do know one thing about DMB: they'll make the best of what's around."

--Alex Robinson, Thrillist.com

Everybody go put on your sundresses over babydoll t-shirts and turn your baseball caps backward, because this is a mid-’90s party! Amanda took the opportunity to make Phil, Rich, and Will revisit 1994 and Under the Table and Dreaming, Dave Matthews Band’s studio debut. We all enjoyed this album when we were teenagers in the ‘90s, but since then, at least one of us has soured on it considerably. Come for the discord, stay for the rhyme, and then get on Twitter and tell us what you think. If you stick around at the end, you'll find us inadvertently channeling Bart and Lisa and making an accidental crank call.


  • We can’t believe we forgot to mention “My Boyfriend’s Back,” the epitome of the “hey la” songs.

  • While we were talking about "What Would You Say," Will mispronounced the name of Jack Mudurian as "Jack Murudian." Jack was a nursing home resident who, in 1981, sang an unbroken, head-spinning 50 minutes' worth of snippets of old-timey songs he had rattling around in his mind. One of the home's workers recorded this medley and released it as an album called Downloading the Repertoire. See our Links below for a snippet of it.

  • After this episode was recorded, we appointed Ray Thomas the patron saint of Discord & Rhyme.

  • Will can’t remember what the epitaph on the gravestone was. We assume it was not, “Hike up your skirt a little more,” but anything is possible.

  • Turns out “Ants Marching” was the FOURTH single released from this album! It was preceded by “What Would You Say,” “Jimi Thing,” and (weirdly) “Typical Situation,” and followed by “Satellite.”

  • Amanda is seriously considering suing Rich for slander after he said that “Lover Lay Down” is her favorite song.

  • Speaking of “Lover Lay Down,” it’s terribly ungrammatical. It should be LIE down. But as we established in the “Satellite” discussion, Dave is not the best at grammar.

  • We didn’t mention the second appearance of Michael McDonald. He turns up again on “Dancing Nancies,” probably doing the high harmonies. Michael McDonald is everywhere and we love it.

  • Amanda listened to Everyday again after we recorded and realized that it’s better than she remembered. You should go listen to it.

  • If you are unfamiliar with The Mortified Guide, get on Netflix and watch it immediately. Adults read excerpts from their childhood diaries before appreciative audiences. You’ll laugh, you’ll cringe, you’ll hunt up your old diaries and burn them.

  • After all that talk about how great DMB is live, Amanda did not mention that her very first rock concert was Dave Matthews band, way back in June 1999 when she was not even 18. She got elbowed in the face a lot (the lawn was very crowded and Amanda is very short) but it was a fantastic first concert experience.

  • The Dave Matthews Band hotline is now defunct, and a 411.com search indicates that it’s now someone’s cell phone number. We’re sorry for bothering you, stranger in Virginia.

Discord & Rhyme Roll Call

  • Amanda Rodgers (host)

  • Rich Bunnell (moderator)

  • Phil Maddox

  • Chris Willie Williams

Under the Table and Dreaming tracklist

  1. The Best of What’s Around

  2. What Would You Say

  3. Satellite

  4. Rhyme & Reason

  5. Typical Situation

  6. Dancing Nancies

  7. Ants Marching

  8. Lover Lay Down

  9. Jimi Thing

  10. Warehouse

  11. Pay For What You Get

  12. #34

Other clips used

Dave Matthews Band:

  • Tripping Billies

  • Crash Into Me

  • Ants Marching (Live)

  • Two Step

  • #41

  • Crush

  • Fool to Think

  • Rapunzel


  • The New Pornographers - The Bleeding Heart Show

  • Christopher Cross - Ride Like the Wind

  • Neil Finn - Astro

  • Mike Doughty & Dave Matthews - Tremendous Brunettes

  • Genesis - Turn It On Again

  • They Might Be Giants - Space Suit

  • Spiritualized - Huh? (Intro)

  • The Dudley Moore Trio - The Millionaire

Songs we mentioned but didn’t clip:

  • Dave Matthews Band - Halloween

  • Dave Matthews Band - Seek Up

  • Spin Doctors - Two Princes

  • Third Eye Blind - Semi-Charmed Life

  • The Offspring - Gone Away

  • The Kinks - A Well Respected Man

  • Malvina Reynolds - Little Boxes

  • The Pogues - The Old Main Drag

  • Eric Clapton - Layla (Unplugged)

  • Soul Coughing - Super Bon Bon

  • UB40 - Red Red Wine

  • R.E.M. - Tongue

Band/album personnel

  • Carter Beauford - Drums, percussion, vocals

  • Stefan Lessard - Bass

  • David Matthews - Vocals, Left Acoustic Guitar [whatever that means]

  • Leroi Moore - Alto Sax, Soprano Sax, Tenor Sax, Vocals, Flute

  • Boyd Tinsley - Acoustic Violin, Vocals

  • Special Guest: Tim Reynolds - Acoustic Guitar

  • Guest Appearance on “What Would You Say” by John Popper - Harmonica

Other links


“Discord & Rhyme (theme),” composed by the Other Leading Brand, contains elements of:

  • Amon Düül II - Dehypnotized Toothpaste

  • The Dukes of Stratosphear - What in the World?? ...

  • Faith No More - Midlife Crisis

  • Herbie Hancock - Hornets

  • Kraftwerk - Autobahn

  • Talking Heads - Seen and Not Seen

  • Dave Matthews Band - What Would You Say (this episode only)

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