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22 2's

by Rich Bunnell

On Discord & Rhyme, I frequently refer to a song being “a good track two,” which may seem completely arbitrary in the era of streaming and shuffle. But I mean it every time, and I mean it even more as we get further into this epic project obsessing over the dying art of the album. Similar to how film editing is part of what turns a bunch of shots into a movie, sequencing is part of what turns a bunch of songs into an album. When a critic rolls out the cliche that an album is more than the sum of its parts, in a majority of cases it means that the album was really well sequenced.

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Sowing the Seeds of Discord & Rhyme

by Rich Bunnell

Hi everyone,

I’m stunned that less than a year into this project, there are people — some of whom we haven’t even met! — who are actually willing to pay money for what we do. As much as we promote our “tip jar” on the show, Discord & Rhyme is foremost a passion project by eight friends who have kept all of this obsessive energy bottled up for years and finally have an outlet. Patreon covers our hosting and equipment costs, reimburses us for the time and work we put in to every episode, and hopefully will eventually grow to a level where we can start directly supporting the artists we cover.

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